Keren Dali, Ph.D. 

Welcome to my Home Page.

Here you can find information about my researchteachingawards, and academic service. The section with examples of student work contains link to associated websites and online projects.

I hold a Master of Information and Ph.D. from the U of Toronto and Certificates in Diversity & Inclusion and Project Management from Cornell U.

You are welcome to contact me via email.


  • In September of 2019, I will start my new tenure-track position at the University of Denver, Department of Research Methods & Information Science.
  • Three presentations in which I participate have been accepted for the upcoming ALISE (2019) conference in Knoxville, TN
    • Dali, Keren. “The True Meaning of “Meta”: Contributions of LIS to Social Work Education in a Globalized Learning Environment” (paper).
    • Dali, Keren (convener), Jenny Bossaller, Nadia Caidi, Bharat Mehra, and Kim M. Thompson. “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Publishing with Master Students: The importance of Scholarly Publishing for Global Information Professionals (panel).
    • Gross, Melissa (convener), Don Latham, Heidi Julien, Bharat Mehra, Keren Dali, et al. “Information Literacy in a Global Context: Incorporating the ACRL Framework into Preservice Education for Information Professionals” (panel)
  • On May 14, 2019, I delivered a workshop at the Toronto Public Library “Librarians as Change Agents: Tapping into Our True Potential through Collaboration with Social Work”
  • In March 2019, I traveled to the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark, to deliver two invited talks: “If You Have not Done Readers’ Advisory before, You Might Just Get It Right! Sharing North American Experiences (and Mistakes) with Danish Colleagues” (Presentation delivered to the public librarians in Copenhagen, Gentofte Centralbibliotek, Hellerup, Denmark) and “From Service Provision to Community Engagement: Recent Shifts in Libraries and Information Organizations” (Presentation delivered at the University of Copenhagen, on invitation from Bibliotekarforbundet)

Here are the latest updates to my editorial & committee responsibilities:

Chair of the ALISE Professional Contribution Award Committee (2018-2019) and ALISE webinar series co-coordinator.

I am also actively involved with the IFLA Building Strong Library & Information Science Education group and the international survey of Professional Entry Requirements.

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